Shopping Centers

Boobaloo is the revolutionary trolley car, that has changed the shopping way. Unique and inimitable, funny, easy to handle, colorful and safe, TUV certificated, Boobaloo catches adults and children in more than 600 shopping centers around the world.


We produce a wide range of models in different colors and assure a constant and efficient maintenance.Fun for kids, essential service for the shopping centers and retail parks.


  • Fully automatic system
  • Does not require electricity
  • No need of staff employment
  • It allows to park the Boobaloo strollers in the different mall’s entrances
  • A single device is provided per each Boobaloo for a continuous service
  • Coin changers available to dispense tokens

Baby Boobaloo

Easy, versatile, irresistible but also safe, BabyBoobaloo allows the child to play safely inside the trolley, not limiting the space for groceries. Its small size and its special mounting structure make it compatible with all shopping carts on the market, making this product suitable for any point of sale. BabyBoobaloo is an absolute newness in the world, protected by international patent for industrial invention.


  • BabyBoobaloo
  • Parking area with locking and unlocking system.
  • Bar code for payment at checkout counters.
  • Fidelity card system.
  • Publicity material (Billboards, A4 counter handouts)
  • Shipping and installation.
  • Maintenance.
  • Spare parts.
  • Toll-free service number.
  • Insurance.


  • A service that, for a small charge, immediately generates revenues
  • BabyBoobaloo is a “magnet” that attracts children, allowing parents to shop without distractions.
  • BabyBoobaloo, a benefit for the family that can devote easily to shopping with children.
  • BabyBoobaloo, an advantage for the store, which gets more traffic and loyalty, benefiting from extra revenues derived from the service itself.
  • Promotional and incentive, thanks to the Baby Boobaloo loyalty card

Customer Care

The Boobaloo toll free number, completely free, is active in the opening hours of the shopping centers, even on Saturdays and Sundays, to offer maximum support to customers, helping them in the use of the service and offering the reimbursement in case of malfunction.

Boobaloo Safety

A free service for the safety of the “small customers ” in the mall. Boobaloo Safety is a bracelet for the safety of children in the mall. The families are given a bracelet that the child will wear, bearing the name and phone number of the parents. We also provide a booklet with a cute coloring book. 
The use of the mascot Baboo in the implementation of all components of Boobaloo Safety makes this service not only useful and serious, but also fun and playful. Elegant metal structures with double-sided banners of large dimensions, placed near the entrances, inform the visitors that the service is free and invite them to ask for the Boobaloo Safety kit . A sticker for stores’ windows and a business card handed to parents complete the system of communication.The possibility of further developing the system is under study, through the use of transponders that allow an easier localization of the child.

Baboo’s House introduces the magical world of our mascot Baboo to the little shoppers. Baboo’s House is a safe space where families can leave their children in peace, in order to better shop. The results for the mall are to have a new attraction for families, increase the average stay, and thanks to the tranquility of the parents, increasing their propensity to buy. A place where our qualified staff teaches children road safety rules, environmental protection, civil behavior, good health and eating habits, appreciation of nature etc. with exciting games.

“The House of Baboo” format is adaptable to the needs of the mall, both for small areas/stores and large leisure areas. 

Special events with Baboo

Baboo’s House has implemented annual programs of entertainment and education, where every single day is designed as part of the monthly program, with a particular theme.     
Qui Here a series of monthly workshops takes place, with a special event of great importance, which may also involve the entire mall. 
So the events and workshops are provided not only to entertain Baboo’s House, but also the Mall itself.

My Baboo

Primary Novelty of the House of Baboo is the introduction of the concept of “shop in shop” linked to a children’s area:
a real store front space where kids young and old can create a custom plush. Among the many puppies you can “give birth” also the Baboo bear .

Image result for canta con babooAn exclusive music Cd with personalized songs: baby’s name is recorded in every 12 songs and the children become the focus of this fantastic musical adventure. 
The songs are original and some are focused on the Boobaloo stroller and Baboo, while others have educational contents, that allow children to learn subjects like the alphabet, numbers, farm’s animals, etc.
The CD is available at our fully automated touch screen machine. Our customers select the name of the child, listen to a demo of songs personalized with the chosen name and then proceed to purchase. The CD is burnt in real time. Very user-friendly, our machine displays images of our mascot that with his voice provides step by step instructions.In the mall, our “Sing with Baboo” machines are an attraction for the shopping center itself and fit perfectly the world of entertainment for families. The service is provided in co-marketing with the mall.

A fun tour inside the Shopping Center aboard a nice multi-colored train. 
A great opportunity to entertain the whole family! 
The train is driven by driver/entertainer dressed in a theme costume. 

The tour begins and ends at the Baboo Station, where parents can stay while awaiting the return of their children. Here you can buy the ticket, if the service is paid.

It is possible to involve the shops in the mall throughout the route with advertising campaigns.A great attraction, for which, as for other Boobaloo services, we require a contribution from the shopping center, but that becomes a service, both to visitors and to the tenants.



You can find the Boobaloo service in all the 42 Auchan throughout Italy



The McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Northern Europe have customized the Boobaloo with their own logos and colors