PTA Group together with Clear Channel have changed the way of doing communication inside shopping centers. Moreover, thanks to the deep understanding of the market, PTA Group is able to integrate on-line and off-line advertising with innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

The integration of Clear Channel’s Digital devices (PODs) with PTA’s products, for example the infoPADs and the promotional stands, provides an engaging, powerful and pervasive communication inside shopping centers. 

The digital device (POD), designed to offer a stimulating environment that enhances the advertising message, allows creative solutions tailored to each brand that wants to promote and encourage the purchase.

  • HD 55 “vertical screen
  • mono-and double-sided devices
  • 60″ Loop with 10″ slot
  • 720 passages per day per screen per slot   
  • structure visually of impact that attracts the attention of visitors

The digital retail network

The Retail Digital Network is a national network, developed in the 30 most important Italian shopping centers, to cover the main locations of the national territory. The digital PODs are making up the network. They are positioned in strategic points within the most crowded Malls (entrances, escalators, main anchors, squares).

The development of this network is exclusively grant to PTA Group, which is integrating the digital PODs with other proprietary solutions (infoPAD and promotional stands), presenting to the target audience the brand and the products in the right context in order to increase the engagement of the final client.

PTA group has developed proprietary interactive directory “infoPAD” that together with promotional below the line stands are able to enhance the brand awareness and the multichannel engagement. The perfect mix between online and offline marketing activities.