PTA, in partnership with ClearChannel and Flex-e-Voucher, brings technology innovation and Gift Card in your mall!


  • The exhibited structures, refined and elegant, constitute an environmental furnishing with great effect and appreciation from the public that is reflected in elements of positive opinions
  • The possibility for the Center to have a part of the advertising schedule available to promote the Center itself, its events or its Retailers.
  • An extraordinary opportunity to involve all the Retailers of the Center to effectively harmonize promotional interventions, advertising actions, events, therefore a real opportunity to increase volumes and revenue
  • A new opportunity to communicate visors to the public in a technologically advanced way, in real time and at no cost.
  • The opportunity to involve, with obvious implications of positive considerations, local and public bodies to communicate with citizens.
  • Being financially involved in the commercial success of the new advertising formula: the Digitotem.
  • The possibility to implement the PTA Group’s public services already active in the Center or to insert new ones, services that are the Business Center’s first calling card to present themselves to visitors every day.

More than a directory


Info-Pad is the innovative directory specifically designed for the Shopping Center. It is easy to manage, customizable and scalable according to the needs of the specific client.

An innovative mean of communication, modular and flexible, able to enhance in a digital form the mall’s media: providing an interactive communication platform for the retailers and for the mall itself.

The internal structure of the Info-Pad is engineered with different layers made to host optional components. Usually equipped with a multi-touch full HD screen of 46” and it is fully customizable: by different shapes, colors and internal graphics. The software graphics are tailored and adapted to the interface according to the institutional image of the Shopping Center.  


Optional equipment that can be added to the structure

  • Webcam HD
  • Microphonefle
  • Barcode Reader / QR Reader
  • Card reader   
  • Credit card reader
  • Contactless payment solution
  • Gift Card dispenser
  • Thermal printer
  • Bluetooth detector
  • NFC detector
  • Pre-configuration for Social Media connection

The PTA’s Gift card program is been already adopted by 65+ Shopping centers. Among the others: Centro Campania, Porta di Roma, Adigeo, Roma Est, Megalò, Le Gru, Nave de Vero.

Our program is a winning solution that is both able to attract new customers and consistently increase the shopping center’s revenue as well, automatically including all the retailers in the plan.



Single and double-sided totem targeted to the communication, whether of the Center and the Brands through Clear Channel

Shopping Centers


Our InfoPad are installed in the main Shopping Centers, for example in the Klepièrre Group with a custom-model.

Shopping Centers
130 +

Gift Card

Our Gift Cards are distibuted by multiples channels (InfoPoint, InfoPad, Website) in centers throughout Italy.

Shopping Centers
Footfall each year