A small act for a better future

From this year our country has definitely taken a step forward in terms of environment respect. With the Directive 2019/904 issued by the European Parliament on 5 June 2019, a net reduction in single-use plastic for certain products is foreseen.

As the Act explains us, plastic is clearly an element widely used by industries and has become an increasingly present element in our daily life. Despite its proven usefulness and essentiality in certain sectors, its use puts our planet at risk.

It is easy to understand how its very short duration of use and its difficult recycling transform plastic into an often superfluous element and a highly polluting product!

With the awareness that each of us can make a difference to counter the use of single-use plastic, we have installed a micro-filtered 💧 water dispenser in our headquarter in Liscate and made available to our entire team reusable bottles in steel.

🌍 On the bottle we have engraved our logo accompanied by a turtle, this to remind us that when it comes to plastic emergencies, the numbers are really relevant, explains the WWF.

“570 thousand tons of plastic end up in water every year, the equivalent of 33 thousand bottles per minute”

Yes, and?

♻️ It is a small step that is part of a wider awareness campaign that will characterize various initiatives of the group…

Stay tuned.

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